Zzyzx voted most bizarre name ever used for a baby

California - April 16, 2014

eBabyNames conducted an analysis of more than 1,500 people asking what they thought was the most bizarre name ever used for a person.

Over the years there have been many articles regarding the strange names given to children. Often times, cited statistics and stories are seldom supported by actual recorded evidence of anyone actually bearing names-- such as Lemonjello, Nosmo King and twins Male and Female-- making them urban legends. eBabyNames.com gathered a short-list of 20 names taken from actual Social Security Administration (SSA) data and commenced upon determining the most bizarre name ever actually used for a baby.

Zzyzx takes the crown for most bizarre baby name

20% of voters in the poll chose Zzyzx as the strangest baby name given in the last 15 years. Zzyzx is most known as an unincorporated community in San Bernardino County, California, formerly known as Camp Soda. The name is of entirely unknown etymology, although it was rumored to have been chosen due to it coming last alphabetically on a list of all U.S. towns and could, therefore, be a tongue and cheek reference to "the last place on earth".

Here is our voter's top 10:

  1. Zzyzx
  2. Nimrod
  3. Moo
  4. Lucifer
  5. Zamzam
  6. Dzyre
  7. Jealousy
  8. Bush
  9. Kyller
  10. Mc

The impact of bad baby names

"I know that we live in a free society and people are motivated constantly to assert their individuality," states Nomina Wells, an expert in onomastics and administrator of eBabyNames.com, "but parents need to understand that a child's name isn't about them. It's about someone who has no say in the matter, but must trust them implicitly to make the very best decisions for their happiness and future." Parents used to give their children common names so they would fit in and their names would be easy to pronounce and spell but unique names have become prevalent due to the perception that stranger names possess "star-quality".

"A name with supposed 'star-quality' doesn't necessarily mean the person will have it." says Wells. "A name like Zzyzx, Dzyre or Jealousy will be memorable for all the wrong reasons, and resign a child to a lifetime of spelling out or explaining their name."

Voter comments and impressions:

Jennifer said:
"Zzyzx looks like a typo!"

Carly from Texas said:
"The only reason I can work out using Zzyzx for your child is for pure torture or revenge."

Jen from Maryland said:
"Zzyzx sounds like a manner in which you scratch your throat when you have a cold coming on."

April from Texas said:
"Nimrod? Why would you call your kid 'idiot' from birth?"

Alternative Top 3's

Top 3 Among Female Voters
  1. Zzyzx
  2. Nimrod
  3. Moo
Top 3 Among Male Voters
  1. Zzyzx
  2. Zamzam
  3. Carrion
Top 3 Within the Western U.S.
  1. Zzyzx
  2. Yunique
  3. Nimrod
Top 3 Within the Eastern U.S.
  1. Zzyzx
  2. Jealousy
  3. Moo

Our voters came across a lot of strange names as well

It's apparent that almost everybody knows, or has known, someone with a bizarre name. Our poll responses yielded some rather memorable quotes from real people about real people with some truly weird names.

S from Arkensas tells us: "I once met a woman named Rainbow Star-Dancer. Though odd, it seemed an appropriate name for a woman who wore a purple hat, a yellow shirt with a red jacket, a blue denim skirt, rainbow-striped sock and Birkenstocks."

And S from Australia also has a good one: "Unicorn! A old friend named her daughter that."

We received a lot of interesting quotes from people who work with children and they are seeing bizarre names more often than you would think. M from Delaware works in college admissions and says: "I came across a Brown Brown. Her first name and last name were both Brown and I think it's simply ridiculous."

But sometimes, a strange name can turn out to be quite fitting as well. M from Indiana has a friend with a son named 'Danger': "I actually love it on him. It fits him perfectly. She definitely is given a hard time about it, though."

A special note: Abcde

One name stood out from all the comments. A surprisingly large number of people mentioned that they know kids named 'Abcde', pronounced AB-sid-ee. Lise from Pennsylvania tells us: "I don't know if it's legitimate or not, but there are rumors going around the United States that people are interested in naming their children Abcde-- the first 5 letters of the English alphabet. Pronounced AB-sid-ee. It seems utterly tacky and downmarket to me."

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